Spiritual Realignment


During the holistic spiritual realignment session particular attention is given to the spine. More than 80 percent of people suffer from the back pain at least once in their lifetime. The spine is the axis of human life and it stores the information, which is radiated to the entire body. All control centers, meridians and organs of the body are linked to the spine. Crooked body, neck, uneven shoulders, tilted pelvis and legs of different length cause not only aesthetic, but also health problems. Some suffer from the back pain, the other from the hip, knee or shoulder pain, yet others experience heart rhythm disorders, gastrointestinal problems, kidney diseases, etc. All of these diseases are determined by the tilt of the spine.

There is a way to restore the hips in place and straighten the different length legs without touching the body. Only one meeting is needed for spiritual realigment and it happens in a second. Straightening involves the whole person. Spiritual realigment is a spiritual process that takes place at the level of the soul and the body. It is ascension to a new dimension of life and consciousness.

This method is initiated by Pjotr Elkunoviz. Since that time, when his transforming energy has been recognized at the world's largest spiritual healers Congress in the Philippines, he spreads it all over the world.

Elona Gutauskaitė-Šustarevienė has finished the spiritual healing/straightening training initiated by Pjotr Elkunoviz. Only he can transfer this power to others with a recognized spiritual rearealigment license, because he is the power itself.

The session begins with restoration of divine order within a man. After removing the natural energy blockades, which are saved in the embryonic cells, the body can naturally, without touching recover and restore order throughout the body. This deep sense recovering leads to a major expansion of consciousness, where self-healing strength appears. This experience is an important opportunity to rediscover the God, which is always, everywhere and in all things. Divine spiritual realigment activates self-healing power, and your body can do its own healing.